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About Us



We strive for a happy, healthy, caring, and nurturing environment. We allow our children to be creative and learn from the world around them. Our teachers promote social and physical growth in a fun and stimulating atmosphere. As parents, you want to be sure that your child’s development and educational needs are being met in a positive and caring manner. 

Peppermint Patti’s Academy believes that any working parent should be able to feel 100% confident that their child’s safety, health, and emotional well-being are given top priority by the people chosen to care for their children when they are not present. We here at Peppermint Patti’s Academy are honored to have the privilege of caring for their children. It is our belief that all children should receive excellent educational opportunities in a fun filled challenging environment. 




The goals of Peppermint Patti’s Academy are to:

  • Develop a partnership with parents in developing and educating young children

  • Meet the social-emotional, physical and academic needs of young children 

  • Encourage young children to be enthusiastic live-long learners 

  • Facilitate kindergarten-readiness & success using developmental appropriate practices.  

This is accomplished through quality caregivers and educators, a quality environment and quality activities.

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